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List of Coaches

Alain Ménard

He has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science with a major in microbiology from McGill University. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, most notably for Roch, in Toronto, and Merck, in Montreal, in sales, market research and strategic planning. He has been President and part of the Administrative Team of SegmentsPlus, where he worked in marketing, advertising and sales, expansion toward new markets, and import and export negotiations. He is president of Green Beaver Limited.


Andréanne Gougeon 

She takes on mandates in policies and procedures, human resources management, organizational diagnosis, type 360 evaluation, and strategic planning, more specifically with non-profit organizations. She has a master’s degree in human resources, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a university certificate in event conducting and a college degree in development technology and services. She is co-owner of Lalande & Gougeon.  She relies on a wide scope of experience in social intervention and in event conducting. 


André Chabot 

Founder and President of Chabo Communications & Design, André Chabot is a leader and skilled entrepreneur. Since the creation of Chabo in 1996, André has overseen the creation of a broad array of national brands, marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and communication tools. He has helped several hundreds of clients, all over the county. André is a respected advisor, business partner and sought-after professional for his vast knowledge and expertise in advertising, design, web, video production and event management. His satisfied clients are from government agencies, institutions and non-profit organizations, as well as the private sector, both commercial and industrial. Chabo has also built a reputable name and expertise in education, social services and health sectors. A good communicator, André is frequently asked to share his knowledge and expertise at seminars, workshops and conferences.
André applies his entrepreneurial skills to more than his design and communications firm. He also has a passion for the restoration of centennial homes and buildings. In his early 20’s, he started investing in real estate and has since renovated dozens of heritage properties. With his craftsmanship and love of architecture, he built a second business in property management by either putting these homes back on the market or creating rental properties.
André Chabot’s philosophy is the same for each business: providing impeccable service and quality products though unique, captivating and irresistible creations that cater to specific markets


Audrey Lizotte

She is co-owner of Ferme L’Artisan. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication and leisure studies from Moncton University, a certificate in project management from the Ottawa La Cité collégiale, and a degree in agricultural studies from the Alfred Campus of the University of Guelph. She once was part of the Coordinators team at the national level for the Francophonie Rendez-Vous (Rendez-vous de la Francophonie) and project and communication manager for the Francophones’ participation in the Vancouver Olympic Games. She specializes in agriculutre, tourism and project management. 

Bruce William Smith

He studied sales administration and marketing at the University of Oklahoma and electricity and electronics à Devry Institute. He is President and owner of Compsep Filtration Inc., which specializes in import and export, consultation, conception, technical support filtration product distribution to hydraulic and pneumatic industries, mainly in the mining, forest, pulp and paper, naval, oil, military and manufacturing sectors. He once was a filtration consultant in Europe, the United States, and Canada. 

Chantal Lauzon

She is a certified Travel Consultant and Group Manager and Guide. She has a college degree in business administration. She is Vice-President and Administrative Assistant of Marc Lemoine Entreprises and Agro Cultures 2001 Inc. and Director of Voyages Interconseil. She counts on her experience in business accounting. 

Chantal Roy

She is a marketing, Web marketing, sales, technology, social networking, thus online sales specialist. She has a communications degree from La Cité and she is a certified marketing and sales consultant and facilitator. She is the owner of Prezence Media.


David Sherwood

He is Consultant and Project Manager, bringing a vast experience as CEO, Coach, Trainer in economic development and analysis, business planning, organizational development and urban planning. He has been a speaker and has hosted hundreds of conferences and meetings, thus collaborating with the Ontario Cooperation Bureau (Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario), the Economic Development and Employability Network (RDÉE), the collège La Cité College, the Coalition for Adult Training in Ontario, the Franco-Ontarian Farmers Union (Union des cultivateurs franco-ontariens), the French Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Association of Francophone Municipalities of Ontario (Association française des municipalités de l’Ontario), the United Counties of Prescott & Russell, the Alfred Campus of the University of Guelph, the Prescott-Russell Franco-Ontarian Cultural Alliance (ACFO), the City of Ottawa, the City of Gatineau, the French Language Eastern Ontario Catholic School Board (Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est de l’Ontario) the Canadian Environmental Network, Communication Canada, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Denis Charlebois

In business in Hawkesbury for almost 40 years, as founder, and still owner and president of the Maître Charle menswear store and as president and owner of the Intersport store for nearly 15 years, now, he specializes in marketing, promotional campaign, sales, workplace relation, distribution, finance, business process and plan, innovation and creativity, event management, and negotiation. He has successively been President and Board Member of the Hawkesbury Chamber of Commerce and the Hawkesbury General Hospital, Treasurer for the Administration Board of La Cité collégiale, inaugural President of the Hawkesbury BIA (Business Improvement Area) and President of the Hawkesbury Municipal Committee for Economic Development. In 1998, he was presented with the Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Small Businesses category, at the Gala de l’Excellence, for Maître Charle, the same Gala where he won the Franchisee of the Year award, in 2013, for Intersport. In 2012, the Recognition Board of Prescott and Russell inducted him, awarding him the highest honor, Lifetime Achievement in Business.
He is now a member of the Intersport Promotion and Marketing Committee. He is the President Prescott & Russell Entrepreneurial Academy. 

Dominic Fournier 

He specializes in production management, technology, work-related efficiency and effectiveness procedure, and in manufacture production engineering. He graduated as a mechanical technology engineer. He is an entrepreneur and supports various companies within his scope of expertise, which he has acquired through different industries where he once was Production Manager and General Manager (CEO).  


Éric Charlebois 

He specializes in textual support and linguistics, of any nature and for any prupose, in French and in English, and as a speaker, where he is firmly established in motivational issues, political and sociocultural history and self-discovery through the arts. He puts forth his experience in staff management, policies and procedures, communication strategies, business plan writing and constructive argumentative expression.  He has been a translator and a proofreader, part-time since 2002 and full-time since 2009. He once was bureau chief and head proofreader for Quebecor. In 2011, he co-founded Idiome Conception linguistique, which he owns. He taught at the secondary level from 2001 to 2009, Head of the Communications unit and Head of the French department. He majored in French, obtained his teacher’s degree and his master’s courses in epistemology and phenomenology of the relation to the other, all with honors. He is also leading a successful career in poetry, having published eight books, the ninth anticipated at the fall of 2015.. He has given workshops and conferences at various levels, ranging from university to prison, and from Winnipeg to Moncton and has been guest of honor at literary events and fairs. He also writes songs and works with film, visual and photo artists. He is President of the Association des auteures et des auteurs de l’Ontario français (Franco-Ontarian Authors Association). He is also Secretary of the Board for VerseFest Ottawa, member of the Executive Committee of the Hawkesbury Curling Club, and member of the Administration Board of the Hawkesbury Golf & Curling


Eveline Lemieux 

She specializes in the agrifoods sector, in environment, product transformation , marketing, bioenergy, business plan, project management, regional development, integrated project development, and agriculture. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in environmental science. She has a certificate from the UQAT in project management. She founded SOL-AIR Consultants, which she has been owning for 20 years. She is tutor and creator of online courses for the TELUQ (UQAM) and La Cité (in environmental studies). She is a trainer at the University of Ottawa and is a member of the Ottawa Food Policy Council. 

Jacques Renaud 

Technologist and entrepreneur, and having deepened his knowledge at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Harvard Business School and the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, he brings 25 years of experience as a leader within an array of industries. Expert in integrating new technologies to growing companies, he is a member of the Eastern Ontario Development Program’s Evaluation Committee, founder of the Internet of Things Ottawa Meetup, founder of the Sensivu, co-founder and General Manager (CEO) of Privasoft Corp, Operations Manager of Coca-Cola Ltd, and Supervisor and engineer of the Ottawa Fibers Industries.

Julien Martel

He is finishing his master’s degree in business administration at the University of Sherbrooke, which he plans on completing in December 2015. He has a bachelor’s degree in applied technology and biotechnology from La Cité collégiale, now known as Collège La Cité, for which he obtained the Program Scholarship and the Patrick-Desforges Scholarship. He was a master’s intern at the Biopole, biotechnologist and the Canada National Research Centre (CNRC) and lab technician at Collège La Cité. He is a member of the Administration Board of the Biopole and was a research intern at the CNRC. He is a member of the AMBAQ, the Quebec Association of Masters in Business Administration. 

Luc Filion 

He specializes in managing growth and succession planning and has excellent working and practical knowledge in finance, business process and human resources. He earned a bachelor’s degree in administration at the University of Ottawa and careered at Konica Minolta (Canada) for 20 years, as General Manager and Vice President of Sales & Marketing. As for the next 20 years, Luc is a Group Insurance Broker and Financial Planner.   

Louis Béland

He specializes in project design, implementation and management. He is President of United Way Prescott & Russell, which furthers his experience in fund raising and administrative board process. He is co-founder and co-owner of Café de Joel Inc, within which he specializes in staff and inventory management, sales, customer service, and finance. He has even designed an expresso cart. He also once was Marketing and Communications Director for the Clarence-Rockland New Chamber of Commerce. 


Marc Lecompte 

He is an expert in proposed acquisition development, model of operations and marketing, and mortgage broker and policies and programs development. A St-Lawrence College graduate, he is the owner and CEO of the Kwik Cash Group. He worked as Accounts Director for Scotiabank. He has created numerous SMEs, which he sold to young entrepreneurs. He specializes in growth planning for SMEs and has been instrumental into some businesses reaching a 500 % growth rate.  

Mireille Leroux

She is co-owner of Ferme L’Artisan. She has a bachelor’s degree in recreology from Moncton University and a degree in agricultural studies form the Alfred Campus of the University of Guelph. She has given numerous training sessions, rallies and demonstrations for the youth. She specializes in agriculture, touristic development and social media.

Norm Lapalme

He has been an active businessman for over 30 years, most notably in the retirement homes, health clubs, summer camps, and residential and commercial real estate sectors, as well as speaker and author of various programs. He graduated form St. Lawrence College in marketing and business management and is a certified Coach from Coach for Life, in San Diego.
He is CEO and General Manager of Innovapro Inc. and has been director and shareholder of a residential, commercial and agricultural group for over 20 years.
He was awarded Business Excellence of the Year in 1999, by the Chamber of Commerce of Embrun and has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005, 2012, and 2013.
He specializes in coaching, innovation, promotion, program creation and set-up, specific training, and as a speaker.

Nick Snow

He specializes in finance, logisitics, leadership, accounting, forecasting, trade spend, project management, reporting, cross-functional asset, strategic planning and SAP and ACCPAC systems and applications. He is vice-president of Atlantic Braids Ltd., within which he performs opportunity evaluation, staff management, software implementation, technical support, negotiations with suppliers and pricing strategy. He has a major management, a major in accounting and a minor in marketing from Concordia University. He is CPA and CMA.

Pascal Billard 

He specializes in the agrifoods industry, more specifically in product development, value of crop residues, bioenergy, rural development, joint project development with the Natives, business plan development, and subsidies. He graduated from the Institut agricole de La Raque (Agricultural Instiute), in France, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in agronomic science. He also studied biochemistry at the Collège de St-Euverte (College), in France, agrifoods marketing at the Université Laval (University) and professionalism and ethics at the Agricultural Institute of Canada. He is the owner and Genaral Manager (CEO) of SOL-AIR Consultants. He once was Consultant for the Ville-Marie ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods), General Manager (CEO) of the Serres coopératives de Guyenne (Greenhouse Coop), General Manager (CEO) of biological farms in Austin (QC), Agricultural Consultant for the Centre d’étude et de coopération internationale (C.E.C.I) (Centre for International Studies and Cooperation), in Senegal, and professor at Collège Boréal (College). 


Raja Hatoum 

He specializes in emotional intelligence coaching, developing and facilitating workshops on emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship, creativity and effectiveness within the workplace. He has experience in social media and web marketing. He graduated in social psychology and in emotional intelligence from the University of Lebanon, has a certification in post-traumatic stress management from the University of Maryland with 12 years experience in psychological first aid and peer support programs, combined with a certification in professional coaching from Fowler International. He is founder and owner of Elite Compass, through which he solidifies a wide path in entrepreneurial analysis and in objective-oriented interventions. 


Dr. Rima Hatoum  

She specializes in food microbiology, leadership, food safety management systems management, agriculture and occupational health and safety, and strategic planning and product development. She has a PhD in food microbiology, a master’s degree in quality management in the food industry, a master’s degree in microbiological quality control in food and pharmaceutical products, and a bachelor’s degree in biology. She has gained considerable experience in laboratory food safety, product development, and emotional intelligence management and leadership at both the national and international scales. 

Sébastien Racine

He is an architect, member of the Ontario Association of Architects and the Quebec Association of Architects (Ordre des architectes du Québec). More specifically, he specializes in commercial, institutional, residential, and industrial project management, real estate development, innovative design, finances, human resources, marketing and market development. He is outgoing President of the Hawkesbury General Hospital and once was member of the Administration Board of CADUC, an organization whose mandate was the revitalization of downtown Casselman. 

Stéphane Savage 

He specializes in business valuations, accounting, business restructuring, project management, corporate structure, real estate projects and  financial management, finance, and business planning. He graduated as an expert in business valuation from York University (CBV) and majored in commerce at the University of Ottawa. He is a BDO Canada Partner and entrepreneur. He has also started and sold other businesses throughout Prescott & Russell. 

Sylvain Grenier 

He specializes in negociation, process reengineering, project management, marketing strategy, sales, work policies and procedures, biotechnology, university research process and hospital-related issues. He graduated in biomedical studies from Algonquin College and obtained a business administration certification. He once was Sales Director and Marketing Development Manager for Carl Zeiss Inc. 




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