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FINANCING | Financial Resources

Grant received

Prescott-Russell Commununity development corporation (prcdc)
Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP)

Funding through the Eastern Ontario Development Program is warranted by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and distributed by the 15 Eastern Ontario Community Futures Development Corporation.
In fact, as soon as October 27, 2014, it was agreed that the PRCDC would support the organization in implementing activities to stimulate Eastern Ontario’s economy and its diversification, with the main purpose of making it competitive, based on developing qualifications and competency throughout the community. 
Initially, two key resources have been hired, as it had originally been projected, to ensure that the Academy’s activities are perennial, namely a Programs Director and an Operations Manager. Simultaneously, opportunities have arisen and keep on surfacing from the region’s business community, undeniably asserting the organization’s sustainability. Presentations have taken place through the PRCDC, and more partners have been added:  the Eastern Ontario Training Board and Collège La Cité (La Cité collégiale). For the time being, we are setting the standards with which every coach and mentor acting on behalf of the Academy and working for the Academy will have to comply in the terms of the code of ethics. We are setting our sights on developing the workforce over the next three years, which could become a seam to reach self-sufficiency.

Ministry of Agriculture, Foods and Rural Affairs
Rural Economic Development Program (RED)

Through the PRCDC, this grant is awarded to the Academy, which, in return, is committed to be the economic development catalyst for Eastern Ontario, by means of innovative interventions, techniques, and strategies. 
The grant for starting up has been used on project management expenses, most notably on consultants and professional fees and on development activities. Subcontractors, equipment, and technology upgrade and leveling have also benefited from the grant.
Last but not least, the grant has also allowed us to get the full-fledged marketing and promotion going, to pay back travelling expenses related to performing tasks and consolidating the Academy, to administrative expenses, and to the new employees’ salary, always in compliance with the grant’s requirements. 

Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the CFDC Network
Economic Development Initiative (EDI)

Through the PRCDC, the grant is for implementing an entrepreneurial strategic alliance program and for business development for Francophones of Ontario, from Durham to the Quebec boundary. The program includes entrepreneurial training, mentoring services, and business consulting for young entrepreneurs, newcomers, and existing entrepreneurs, as long as they are Francophones, through partnerships, by using tools and assets that already exist and by calling upon a sense of initiative.
Among other points, the Academy has committed to developing and providing relevant training, coming to agreements on strategic alliances, identifying trainers, coaches, and mentors, confirming contributions, and completing reports.


Certification Program

The Academy has created and is implementing a certification program through which, in 40 weeks, 40 issues will be addressed by ways of 40 webinars, all of which will make up the basic substance for the masterplan that every cutting edge business possesses in order to meet every challenge.

As a matter of fact, the program includes intersecting networking activities and will culminate with the certification being presented to every participant. 

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.

It must be pointed out that the program is the inlet for the entire business community to join the Prescott and Russell Entrepreneurial Academy as a rightful member.


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