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    “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.” ― Seth Godin

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    The entrepreneurial Academy, a dynamic team dedicated to working towards business development growth.

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    Support in entrepreneurial faculties, entrepreneurial education and networking

THE ACADEMY | Mission/Vision

Our Mission

Through coaching, mentoring, training, and financial and institutional partnerships, the Prescott and Russell Entrepreneurial Academy, a nonprofit organization, sets its goals on the young entrepreneurs, the immigrant entrepreneurs and the existing entrepreneurs by providing them with the proper necessary tools to set up and kickstart a business and to ensure a creative and innovative economic growth throughout our rural region.
The Academy ensures an atmosphere of confidence and stimulation, which is essential in underlying any creative process, while integrating ecological values to an entrepreneurial programming.

Our Vision

The Entrepreneurial Academy acts as a main catalyst for propelling innovative development within and through every economic sector.
Its vision is to evolve as an entrepreneurial spectrum that will motivate and support businesses, industries, and community organizations with the purpose of seeking and creating new job opportunities, thus establishing new frontrunning economic groups.

These sectors include:

  • bioenergy and biomaterials;
  • eco-industries, food transformation, and food transportation;
  • logistics and distribution, agrotourism, ecotourism and culinary tourism.

Its programs are divided in three areas:

  • entrepreneurial guidance
  • entrepreneurial education 
  • networking
  • encouraging the new wave of innovators and entrepreneurs;
  • considering the future of labor and workforce;
  • increasing and improving access to funding for high-risk innovative projects;
  • grooming and commercializing innovation;
  • diversifying local economy components;
  • increasing and improving productivity from the private sector businesses;
  • developing community partnerships in favor of economic growth and prosperity.

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